I was born in Zagreb on July 25th, 1997. I grew up with my mother and two older sisters in City of Zagreb in part called Dubrava. Since I was a kid I was constantly active and always in movement. After finishing high school I have decided to devote to a sport which I fully enjoy doing. During my school ages I was always in sporting activities striving to win and improve myself continuously whatever I was doing. That was the most important thing for me.

I started to practice sports since I was 8 years old. Before my 16th birthday I discovered and started to train boxing with my uncle. I chose boxing because unfortunately I was a victim of family violence. Boxing was a way out of my hopeless situation during those harsh days and just wanted to find a way to defend myself. Boxing was the love of the first sight since my first training. Soon I joined Boxing Club Lokomotiva and there my boxing career initially started. I was learning and improving my boxing skills fast.

Boxing Club Lokomotiva was suspended in the period 2013-2014 and its members could not compete then. In addition boxing popularity in Croatia was on a low level and I decided to continue my career in Germany. In Frankfurt that year I won the championship and became Rheinlan-Pfalzischer Meister.

Later in 2016 I was disappointed to receive visa refusal for amateur camp in USA but in the same time I had been given an opportunity to work with great coaches in Glasgow, Scotland where I gained a lot of experience in short period of time. As I started to do sparring I realized that a style of professional boxers fits me better than a style from amateur ones.

After short and successful amateur career where I got a lot of international experience I decided to become a professional boxer so I can create a better life for my family and myself. In 2017 when I was offered to fight undefeated local boxer from Bosnia and Hercegovina and in this way turn professional, I accepted the challenge immediately without any hesitation.

In spite of being better fighter in that fight in every round, the judges characterized the fight as draw. I haven’t lost hope afterwards and continued practicing, sparring and gaining experience by training together with professional German fighters. In 2018 I have created good contacts with positive people in sport with whom I have surrounded myself. These people helped me to improve my fighting skills rapidly and gave me a chance to prove myself. One of the things that were most important for me is not be the victim of unfair judges any more.

In September 2018 I have won a fight in Hamburg, Germany and from that day my professional boxing career has officially started. Afterwards I have won several fights. I have been fighting in Europe, mostly in Germany.

My life goal is to be the best at what I do. I am devoted, hard working and focused in stubborn way and accept no failures. I am fully positive, disciplined, persistent and sure that my time is coming!

©Arijan Goricki